Dosing valves

Stainless Steel Dosing and Shut-Off Valves for Gases and Liquids

There is a recurring demand to control larger amounts of gases or liquids even at low pressure, reproducibly with a reasonable flow curve. Also, the service life of a valve in combination with an actuator should guarantee several years. Often, this requirement is not possible with the valves available on the market. For these reasons, our valves are equipped with the following features:

  • Operating pressure: 200 – 350 bar, at 20 °C
  • Operating temperature: – 30 °C to + 200 °C
  • Non-rotating spindle tips prevent seizing in the valve seat and guarantee long service life
  • Resistant to dosing and shutting off of corrosive gases and liquids
  • The long conical spindle tips allow a slow flow increase when opening the valves, thereby enabling precise dosing and control over the entire path of the valve’s rotations
  • A generously sized spindle thread guidance ensures a long service life, especially when the valves are operated with actuators
  • External seal: Adjustable packing made of 1.4571 and PTFE sealing discs below the thread of the valve spindle. This prevents the washing out of the lubrication of the valve spindle by the medium, so that seizing of the spindle thread is not possible.
  • Available for actuator operation or for manual operation (with handwheel)
  • The valves are prepared for installation in control panels or on GULEX actuators
  • All valves 100% factory tested

DN 1 to DN 6 with max. 20 rotations up to 350 bar

9 different KV values with just one valve size

Seat boreNeedle Kv valueCv value
DN 1 0,010,01
DN 2 0,040,5
DN 2 0,070,8
DN 20,120,14
DN 30,170,20
DN 30,230,27
DN 40,400,47
DN 50,590,70
DN 60,790,92

When ordering, please specify seat bore and needle.

DN 7 to DN 12 with max. 10 rotations up to 200 bar

6 different KV values with just one valve size

Seat bore Needle Kv valueCv value
DN 7 0,901,05
DN 81,201,40
DN 91,701,99
DN 102,102,46
DN 122,803,28