Type N802/P5

Technical Specifications
Dimensions:Ø 75 x 160 mm, without additional components and valve
Weight:approx. 1300 g
Runtime:approx. 1 to 12 s/360°, selectable
Revolutions:max. 20 revolutions
Duty Cycle:approx. 80% ED
Ambient Temperature:- 30° C to + 85° C
Connection:Optional 2 m open cable end or 12-pin plug connector with cable socket
Protection Class:IP67
Mounting:The drive can be mounted in all positions using 2 M5 threads on the underside of the drive head.
Overload:Adjustable slip clutch (mechanical)
Thermal switch with operating light (electrical)
End Positions:Potential-free working contacts for feedback (normally closed)
Torque:max. 8 Nm
Supply Voltage:24 Volt D.C.
Rated Current:max. 1 A
Control:+ 12 to + 24 Volt D.C.
Position Signal:4 - 20 mA or 2 - 10 Volt D.C.

Order Code N802/P5

Order Code:











1 to 20 revolutions

approximately 1 to 12 s/360°

Position Signal Output:
4 – 20 mA or
2 – 10 Volt D.C.

Cable End: K
shielded cable end: KS
built-in plug with cable box: E

Electrical Connection Plan N802/P5

Additional Option Upon Request


  • OPTION 1
    Variable actuation times of approximately 1 to 55s/360°. (Dependent on the gearbox ratio)




  • Configure the actuator according to the order code.
  • K or KS in the order code: Actuator with approximately 2m of open cable end, or length as specified by the customer.
  • Valves from other manufacturers should be provided for installation.
  • For valve installations, please select valves with threaded spindles located outside the medium!
  • The production of components, the attachment of valves to actuators should generally be carried out in our facility.
  • For functional testing of the actuator-valve combination, the real/max. operating pressure must be specified at the time of order.
  • For many applications, we can provide suitable manufacturers and valves.